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Technical StatusCertificates

  • Business license
  • Factory Registration
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • Small and medium-sized business confirmation
  • Credit rating confirmation
  • ertification of Inno-Biz
  • certification of mechanical assosication
  • Department dedicated to R&D
  • Certification of manufacturing
  • Certification of manufacturing
  • Certification of manufacturing
  • Excellent Performance Certification for Centrifugal Dehydrator
  • Performance Certification of
  • Letter Patent(Centrifugal Dehydrator)
  • Letter Patent(3-Phase Centrifuge)
  • Letter Patent(Centrifugal Concentrator)
  • Letter Patent(Volumetric Pump)
  • Letter Patent(Disk Centrifuge)
  • Letter Patent (Complex Centrifuge)
  • Horizontal Centrigue Technology