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Screw Press

Product InformationScrew Press

2 Materials at Different Weights are Separated via Screen

Technology Summary

  • Screw Press is a device for effective reduction of fragmentized/discomposed adulteration and high- density sludges; it controls the speed to maintain the discharge density and water content percentage and separates matters of solids/liquids via cylindrical holes and filter presses.
  • Screw press with punched baskets can simultaneously press and filter a certain amount of solid matter and maintains fluid water content percentage by varying the rotational speed of the screw, effectively handling separation of matters with the extreme change in densities such as food waste, fish juice wastes, etc.

Applicable Areas

  • Preprocessing High Volume of Crushed Food Waste
  • Preprocessing Animal Manure
  • Overhang Sewerage Sludges and Digestive Sludges
  • Adulteration Processing Process and High-Volume Separation of High-density Wastewater
  • Sewage and Excretion Adulteration Separation


  • The double-layered internal screws of punched baskets can adjust the rotating speed of the inlet and outlet differently for compression towards the center of rotation, maintaining the properties of solid matters being discharged.
  • Controlling screw speed difference make to improve durability so that low pressure of basket and easy to drain without stick.

Product Features and Operation

  • Flexible Response to Adulteration Preprocess Input
  • Discharging Solid via Varying Screws Speed Control
  • Lower Power Consumption and High Durability
  • Internal Cleaning system and Screen Blockage Prevention

계통도 and Standard Specifications


Standard Specifications

Model No. Treatment Quantity
Motor(KW) Dimension
SP-400 4~6 2.2 ∅400 x 3000L
SP-500 6~10 3.7 ∅500 x 3500L
SP-600 10~15 5.5 ∅600 x 4000L
  • Specifications may vary when standard specifications and special specifications are requested.