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Low-Speed High-Volume Separator

Product InformationLow-Speed High-Volume Separator

Low-Speed type Centrifuge for Separating Wastewater with High Percentage of Solid Contents.

Technology Summary

  • The low-speed high-volume centrifuge is the device to effectively reduce the solid body above a certain density, and it’s a separating and filtering system for solids and liquid by controlling the speed by the density and cylinder discharge holes.
  • High-volume separators with the punched hole screen can control their centrifugal force by varying rotational speed and they can effectively handle the separation of matters with extreme density variation such as food waste, piggery effluents, etc.

Applicable Areas

  • High-Volume Separation of Preprocessing Food Wastewater
  • High-Volume Separation of First and Second Piggery Effluents
  • Adulteration Processing Process and Mass Separation of High-Density Wastewater
  • Preprocessing Animal Manure
  • Sewage and Excretion Process First High-Volume Separation
  • Plastic Waste Filteration Process


  • In the case of abrasion of the internal scrapper, the position can be adjusted towards the rotational center by the amount of abrasion to increase the use period.
  • The tension adjusting device of the blade can smoothly discharge sludge without any blockage and increases the punched-type measuring basket.

Product Features and Operation

  • Flexible Response to Input of high-density wastewater
  • Arm support applied with variable hinge can discharge sludges with a certain water content percentage
  • Lower Power Consumption and High Durability
  • Internal Cleaning system and Screen Blockage Prevention

Outside View and Standard Specifications

Outside View

Standard Specifications

Model No. Treatment Quantity
Motor(kw) Dimension
ST-50K 4∼6 3.7 1.8×1.1×1.5
ST-60K 6∼10 5.5 2.2×1.4×1.5
ST-70K 10∼12 7.5 2.5×1.5×1.7
  • Specifications may vary when standard specifications and special specifications are requested.