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Disk-type Centrifuge

Product InformationDisk-type Centrifuge

Centrifuge with High-Speed Rotating System for Liquid Separation and Ultrafine Particles Separation

Technology Summary

  • The disk-type centrifuge is vertically arrayed, and it applies centrifugal separation of the solid-liquid mixture; it can separate liquid and increase purity.
  • Disk-type centrifuges have centrifugal accelerating force 2.5 times higher than decanter-type centrifuges, and it is suitable for the separation and purification of liquids and removal of ultrafine particles. It can handle the definite separation of fine particulate matters remaining in substances, from removing moisture from oil, extracting yeast from beer, extracting protein, to harvesting green algae.
  • It overcomes the performance limit of decanter-type centrifuges, and it has optimal separation performance with past rotational speed. 2-Phase Separation separates liquid and fine particulate matters, and 3-phase separation separates liquids with different densities and solids simultaneously.
  • The disk-type separator can be placed at the final step of the purification process, combining it with a decanter-type 2-phase separator and/or 3-phase separator

Applicable Areas

  • Ship/fuel oil, lubricant oil treatment
  • Mineral and Vegetable Oil Separation
  • Bio-diesel/Glycerin separation
  • Beer Yeast/Green Algae Separation

Disk-type Centrifuge Operation Principal

The product injected into the container via the inlet pipe is separated into thin layers by the disk stack and forms wide surfaces. Within many disk stacks, solids are separated from liquids by centrifugal force, and they are settled at the sludge discharge near the border. Separated solid particles are regularly discharged/removed by the bowl pressure system, and separated translucent liquids flow from the disk stack to the center pump and are discharged by the pressure. For Disk-Type 3-Phase Separation, the liquid mixture in the disk stacks are separated into two layers, heavy and light, and solids are discharged simultaneou.

Product Features and Operation

  • By using a standard 3-phase AC motor and the driving power of the belt, fast acceleration with extremely quiet operation is achieved.
  • The speed can be controlled via the frequency converter, flexibly adjusting to the condition of the products.
  • A completely closed lubricant circuit system protects the bearing, gives a long lifespan, and for easy maintenance.
  • Safety parameters can be monitored via program control, and if there’s an explosion risk during processing the product, you may choose the selective deactivation option.
  • CIP is possible with the product contact area of the centrifuge, and it can be easily integrated into the existing manufacturing process.

Outside View and Standard Specifications

Outside View

[ Standard Specifications ] Self Cleaning Type

Model No. Motor Rating
Treatment Quantity(ℓ/n) Capacity Dimension
Ship Diesel Oil Heavy Oil #160 Heavy Oil #300 Lubricants #30
ST-45/55D 1.5∼2.2 1,100
- - - 0.9×0.6×1.0
ST-60/75D 3.7∼5.5 1,600
500 800 1,050 0.9×0.7×1.2
ST-75/100D 3.7∼5.5 2,900
800 1,200 1,350 1.1×0.9×1.3
ST-125/135D 5.5∼7.5 3,400
ST-145/175D 11∼15 5,800

[ Standard Specifications ] Non Self Cleaning Type

Model No. Motor Rating
Treatment Quantity(ℓ/n) Capacity Dimension
Ship Diesel Oil Heavy Oil #160 Heavy Oil #300 Lubricants #30
ST-45DN 1.5∼2.2 800 - - - 0.5×0.3×0.6
ST-55DN 3.7∼5.5 1,250 - - - 0.6×0.4×0.7
ST-75DN 3.7∼5.5 3,100 2,500 2,900 - 0.7×0.6×1.0
ST-135DN 5.5∼7.5 9,500 7,500 6,900 3,900 0.9×0.8×1.2
  • Ship Diesel Oil Processing Capacity is Processing Capacity at Room Temperature
  • Heavy Oil Processing Capacity is Processing Capacity when heated at 80°C
  • Solid Concentration Condition is below 1%