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Separation Technology from SENTEC Optimal product is the most definite condition for success for the realization of separation technology.
  • Separation technology application area requires a highly detailed solution that suits the demand, and the success can be guaranteed with SENTEC Technology’s centrifuges that are equipped with definite performance and environment adaptation.
  • With 3 Phase Centrifuge, Centrifugal Dehydrator, Centrifugal Concentrator, Low-Speed High-Volume Separator, and other specialized products, we aid the clients’ success and precisely provide products that are applicable for the material the product is required for.
  • 3 Phase Centrifuge

    This product can provide separation for wastewater with different oily substances, and it realizes series of separation of three properties (solids, light liquid, heavy liquid) with one process.

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  • Centrifugal Dehydrator (Screw Decanter-Type)

    As solids separation type device for settled sludge and different sewerage/wastewater, the centrifugal dehydrator is widely applied for local environments of different industries. SENTEC Technology’s centrifugal dehydrator is designed for excellent purity of the filtrate, specialized for the increased connectivity for the follow-up processes.

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  • Low-Speed High-Volume Centrifuge

    SENTECH Technology’s Low-Speed High-Volume Centrifuge can be installed in a tight space, and it is specialized for filtering solids with low-speed rotation. Solid retrieval efficiency can be maximized when placed with ST-Series centrifuges.

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  • Disk Centrifuge

    SENTEC Technology’s Disk Centrifuge realizes the definite separation of liquid, and it is equipped with fluid operation performance and simple maintenance via perfect program control.

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  • Centrifugal Concentrator

    This concentrator is developed for sediments that are difficult to be processed via centrifuges. This product is specialized for consecutive sinking operations for optimal retrieval of low-density microparticles without the use of the chemicals.

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  • Peeler Centrifuge

    Peeler Centrifuge can be applied for various products for high filtration and washing effect, and gravity separation is achieved by screen(filter).

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