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The mechanical separation that is utilized in various industries has positioned as a very important process for process efficiency, quality of final product, and economic/environmental compatibility.
The mechanical separation process is used in practically all industries, including food, chemistry, pharmaceutical, biotech, recycling, etc.

SENTEC Technology’s centrifugal separation technology

  • Biomass Utilization Process

    For boosting recycling and eco-friendly biomass of food wastewater, animal/vegetable oil, biofuel, and domestic waste, SENTEC Technology’s centrifuge realizes the optimal efficiency.
    It carries a critical role in retrieving energy resources by separating oil and water and extracting animal/vegetable oil and fat.

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  • Mining Industry/Heavy Oil/Minerals and Oil Industry

    SENTEC Technology’s Decanter Centrifuge and Disk Centrifuge is ideally designed for processing crude oil sludge, waste engine oil, and mining/heavy oil industry.
    The technology for oil extraction from remaining wastewater caused during the manufacturing process can offer an eco-friendly solution for manufacturing processes.

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  • Water Management / Water Processing Solution

    SENTEC Technology’s centrifuge implements and produces products specialized to meet the client's needs on sewerage sludge processing and water supply and drainage process, and other different wastewater processing processes.

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  • Chemistry/Pharmaceuticals/
    Food Industry

    The company’s separation technology is individualized for Starch and Protein Production and recycling platics for resourcizing wastes,

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