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Separation Principal

Technology SummarySeparation Principal

The decanter separator resembles a dam that surrounds the axis.
As the solid particles are heavier than the liquid at the sediment section, it creates sediments on the inner wall of the bowl, and the rotating part of the centrifuge moves solid particles heavier than liquids to the discharge section.
During this process, the sediment layer continuously forms inside of the rotating part. The centrifugal force of the decanter is 2,000 to 3,000 times stronger than the relative centrifugal force of the gravity field, and floating solids are much rapidly and efficiently separated and discharged.



Bowl rotates when a cylinder and a cone(for specific separation process; cylinder length, cone angle, discharge diameter) )is combined and set up In this case, to satisfy the requirements of specific materials, the features of the bowl and the angle of the cone are manufactured at a demand. It operates at an optimized speed via an application program, and the operation speed creates the concentrical circle, and the sludge is rotated, settled on the inner wall of the bowl, and creating the layer.


Scroll(Screw) rotates at a different speed of the bowl, and it delivers separated solids to the discharge at the end of the cone. In this case, the speed difference is an important factor that determines the residence time of the solids on the sediment section and the percentage of moisture content of the dehydrated cake. Sentec Technology’s special control can change the speed difference to control the dryness of the discharged cake, realizing the optimal separated status. The design of the scroll differs by the application program and the level of the separation process. Solids Discharge

Discharge diameter (Bushing optional type)

Solids are discharged via the discharge port of the discharge part. Located at the end of the cone, it maintains the ideal curved state to promote rapid discharge of solids. The optional floating coupling-type outlet can prevent abrasion by the slip of solids, and it raises maintenance safety.

Application Program

It displays controllable speed difference, and it’s the critical determinant of the time the solids reside in the decanter centrifuge and the sedimentation rate applied for condensing solids. This means that if the property of the product changes while supplying, the speed difference must be variable to maintain the optimal dryness of the solids to achieve the optimal product result. On decanter operation, this is automatically controlled by the overload condition of the machine.

Outflow weirs

The pure water separated from filtrate is delivered to the end of the cylinder bowl, escaping to above the dam plate. By using an easily controllable weir plate, the depth of the water(dam) of the bowl can be precisely adjusted, and only the filtrate is collected on the filtrate discharge chamber and discharged by gravity.


The product is supplied to the feeding area located at the center of the screw body via the fixed pipe. The product fed is accelerated by the centrifugal movement in the helix direction by the scroll. After rapid movement of the liquids, solids and liquids are separated and sent to different outlets.

Variable Eccentric Impeller

Filtrate can be sucked by variable eccentric impeller and discrhaged by pressure. This does not require a separate space, and it is made up accurately for easy adjustments.


SENTEC’s centrifuge is used in high quality stainless steel for all products. The bowl and screw body are made of high-strength centrifugal stainless cast steel (casting).

Manufacture of Decanter for Wastewater Industry

For last 20 years, SENTEC Technology has grafted many experiences and expertise of sludge sediment/purification process for the development of the products. We understand the special requirements of wastewater industry, and we have been developing and advancing the products that satisfies the industrial intentions. SENTEC Technology has established a new decanter ST LINE that realized an exclusive design manufacture process for effective conduction of sludge separation process, and this new series has grafted advanced collective know-hows of mechanical engineering/manufacture/control systems. ST-Series are centrifuges with quality, credibility, and optimal cost performance.

Decanter ST-Series

Product Lines
Sludge Dewatering
Mineral Refining
Pigment Separation & Yeast Extraction
Sludge dehydration
Mineral oil refinement
Pigment separation, Yeast extraction
Sludge Concentration
Protein Concentration
Sludge concentration
Protein concentration
Ship Fuel Oil Purification
Ship Bottom Waste Oil Dewatering
Ship fuel cleansing
Ship bottom waste oil dehydration
Moist waste oil refining
Animal and plant oil refining and concentration
Moist waste oil refining
Animal and plant oil refining and concentration
Synthetic resin dehydration
Inorganic crystal dehydration
Mineral dehydration, Metal portion separation
Synthetic resin dehydration
Inorganic crystal dehydration
Mineral dehydration, Metal portion separation