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Separation Technology

Technology SummarySeparation Technology

Decanter Technology

In many processes, mechanical separation inflicts a critical influence on product quality, production efficiency, and environmental effect. Also, the mechanical separation process is applied in almost every industry including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, mineral and, all-weather environment processes.
Centrifuge that separates decanter-type solid in the 20th century uses high-strength materials and materials with improved corrosion resistance; with technological advancement, they are applied in many mechanical separation processes of solids and liquid.

Sentec Technology’s advanced centrifuge with optimal separation efficiency has an enclosed structure for minimum installation size and odor prevention, equipped with operational excellence of sequential and fully automatic operation.
Sentec Technology’s centrifuge design is customized to meet specific separation processes for optimal results; we provide different basic designs such as screw decanter, 3 phase (complex) centrifuge, sediment concentrator, disk centrifuge, and we can cover the demand of the wild range applications.

Decanter-type Centrifuge’s Basic Process

  • Purification of Liquid
  • Sludge and Waste Water Dehydration Process
  • 3 Phase Mixture Separation : 2 Liquids and 1 Solid
  • Sludge Concentration
  • Separation of Suspended Solids by Particle Size (Wet classification)
  • Separation of Solids by Density (Fine Particle Separation)